Flooding caused by heavy rains has devastated parts of South Sudan and Somalia. Since late October, it has affected some 750,000 people and uprooted hundreds of thousands from their homes. This is a silent crisis that risks becoming forgotten.

Flooding has destroyed homes, damaged crops and disrupted livelihoods. In South Sudan, more than 200,000 people have been affected, including refugees from neighbouring Sudan. Many families are living in makeshift shelters with little access to healthcare and clean water. The risk of a waterborne disease outbreak remains high.

UNHCR is delivering life-saving core relief items and shelter kits in both Somalia and South Sudan. But with the South Sudan situation only 45 per cent funded, families urgently need your help to survive this crisis.

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Since December 2013, civil war in South Sudan has claimed thousands of lives and is now the largest refugee emergency in Africa.

Over 1.5 million people remain displaced inside the country and 2.2 million have fled to neighbouring countries in a desperate bid to reach safety. South Sudan also hosts some 300,000 refugees, mainly from Sudan.

In September 2018, warring parties signed a peace agreement and while progress has been made, conflict and violence persists. The country is now facing floods that the region has not witnessed in decades, adding to the suffering of already vulnerable people.

“The journey was so hard. The sun was very hot and we had trouble finding food and water. Our uncle decided to turn back but we continued on because we wanted to go to school.”

Kenyi, 17, is among more than 5,000 unaccompanied South Sudanese refugee children who have arrived in Uganda.

With over half of all South Sudanese refugees aged under 18, the situation has been labelled “a children’s crisis”. Many flee alone and arrive traumatised, weak and malnourished.

UNHCR staff are on frontlines of this crisis, meeting South Sudanese refugees as they flee across borders and providing them life-saving assistance and protection.

But with no end to the conflict in sight and funds stretched to the limit, your support is urgently needed to help families in desperate need.

A health worker screens a child for signs of malnutrition at a health centre in Uganda, one of six countries where South Sudanese families seek safety. ©UNHCR/J.Ose

UNHCR has scaled up assistance to the flood affected populations, but more help is urgently needed. © UNHCR/S. Modola 

Your gift can help provide:

  • Shelter and protection for unaccompanied children
  • Safe drinking water and proper sanitation facilities
  • Emergency nutrition for malnourished children
  • Blankets, mattresses, kitchen sets, mosquito nets and other life-saving supplies
Please support South Sudanese families

“Many children are arriving unaccompanied, separated and deeply traumatised… The cycle of violence must be brought to an end.” Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Your donation in action

A South Sudanese refugee and her daughter are provided with blankets and soap by a UNHCR field worker.

Supplies Supplies

South Sudanese refugee children who were forced to flee conflict.


Registration Registration

A South Sudanese refugee carries sleeping mats to his family at the Numanzi Transit Centre in Uganda.


Shelter Shelter

A young South Sudanese refugee washes his hands using a “tip-it-tap” at Bidibidi refugee settlement in Uganda


Water Water
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